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Duo trapeze 
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Photo by Mia Bergius

DuoTrapeze by Mirja Jauhiainen and Sanna Kopra

 This Finnish trapeze duet has amazed audiences all over the world for more than a decade. Their work has been seen on the most respected stages including BAM (NYC), Wellington Opera House (New Zealand), and the Peacock Theatre (London). Their fast, intricate trapeze routine features original techniques not seen anywhere else, and highlights the physical complexity possible between the flyer and her base.

...Two bodies become one, somersaults are turned high up in the air, tunnels are formed, unreal geometrical shapes are created.

 There are no safety lines. Instead, security is ensured by the total reliance on the trapeze partner, that she will reach out with a hand or a knee at the exact right moment.

 This is a composition showing that the impossible is possible, that when together, people can overcome all obstacles and that our mutual dependence can be an asset. At the same time, these swirls, these aerial leaps and somersaults are so stunningly beautiful. It is real magic....

  -Alexandra Franzen, Tidningen Kulturen, Stockholm

ORIGO kuva1.jpg

 ORIGO  is a circus experience for infants and their parents. It contains a contemporary circus performance and a baby circus workshop.


 The performance part of the experience gets its inspiration from the world of contrasts, such as black and white, and light and shadow, benefiting from circus techniques and physical theater. According to researchers babies perceive the world through contrasts, so the show aims to create visual scenic pictures that are easy to understand for infants, but are also interesting for their parents. Abstract scenarios will be visualized into movement using shapes and forms that babies prefer.

 In the baby circus workshop babies and parents get to try circus themselves. Using elements from partner acrobatics and object manipulation, it encourages the interaction and trust between parents and infants. 

 Mirja Jauhiainen and Hanna Terävä are both experienced circus artists and mothers to little boys. In Origo they research how it is to combine motherhood with being an artist.

se on sota ny norja.jpg

 The Mad in Finland group comprises seven strong and brilliant circus professionals who have built their careers primarily within

the European circus scene.

 The seven creators of Mad in Finland have in common, that they have left their motherland for the passion for circus. With a gentle irony these seven women show their country as they remember or dream of it. Aerial acrobatics, wire dancing and balancing tell a story of an imaginary and reinvented Finland where Finnish depression has something magical about it, where the harsh climate encourages strong characters. Mad in Finland brings on stage the creative MADness and artistic skill of these seven top level circus artists, resulting unavoidably into something very Finnish. 

 Creators and original cast: Elice Abonce Muhonen, Mirja Jauhiainen, Sanna Kopra, Stina Kopra, Heini Koskinen, Sanja Kosonen and Lotta Paavilainen.

 Mad in Finland group was awarded the State Prize for Circus Art by National Council for the Performing Arts year 2015.

la roue de la mort

In creation


   5 artists are balancing, running, spinning, and jumping- alone, in pairs, and all together on a spinning metal structure known as the Wheel of Death. But rather than defying death, the effect is a celebration of life. The physical risk is a challenge but also a choice. This project is a tribute to life and death, to traditional and contemporary circus, and to the human race in all its glory and awkwardness.


    OxO is French-Finnish collective, established to make a contemporary project for the Wheel of Death which will be partially site specific. During the next 3 years they will create 2 different shows- one to be played on land, and one which will take place in bodies of water (sea, lake, harbour, swimming pool). Additionally, a workshop for local inhabitants will be offered.

Collective OxO: Hannu Abonce, Sylvain Briani Colin, Mirja Jauhiainen, Elice Abonce Muhonen and Odillon Pindat

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