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Taideyhdistys nyt ry.
sirkusfestivaali pusu 

 Sirkusfestivaali Pusu is a contemporary circus festival in Pusula, Lohja. Pusu mixes different art forms, creating a human friendly and high level cultural experience for the inhabitants of Pusula and nearby villages as well as for the circus enthusiasts from all over. Sirkusfestivaali Pusu's purpose is to offer professional contemporary circus, help the countryside to become culturally more vivid and offer work possibilities for circus artists in Finland. 

Sirkusfestivaali Pusu is an annual event, organized by Taideyhdistys Nyt ry. since 2017. 


Taideyhdistys Nyt was formed around the need to bring different people together to share an artistc experience. We want to introduce the diversity of different art forms outside the big cities, where the perception of art might be quite traditional. Nyt wants to create possibilites for encounters and experiencies in an artistic environment.

Mirja Jauhiainen is a founding member of Taideyhdistys Nyt ry. and an artistic director of Sirkusfestivaali Pusu.

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